If you are a new entrepreneur, or if you have been an entrepreneur for years, you no doubt are aware of the chasm that exists between conception and implementation. Deciding to create a business is one thing, but actually creating one can seem daunting in the least, more likely overwhelming at times. The aphorisms of […]

In David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks a being known as an atemporal, Esther Little, hides her mind and identity within the mind of another, Holly Sykes. This hidden identity is not a chronological account of Esther’s life, but rather it is described as “a nebula of moments”. These moments define who Esther is, encapsulating her […]

OK, I guess we have to talk about the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in the room. Aside from just hating this $%^&ing virus, we can also start to identify the lessons that can be taken from a business standpoint. When we talk about a company’s need to be adaptive, what better example could there […]

You’ve crafted your brand using the tenets of a strong story, a clear set of values, and a continuity of message. Sometimes this is going to have the broadest appeal possible; we would all rather that everyone liked us after all. More likely, however, the authenticity of your brand simply won’t be for everyone, and […]

When we think of wanting to bring a human connection to our branding, we do not mean to commodify interpersonal experiences. Imparting to a customer a company’s backstory is not meant to be deceptive; presenting a continuity of customer service is not meant to manipulate; adhering to core values is not a façade. The jaded […]

What do you think of when you see a logo? Picture a business and its famous swoosh, arch, or pregnant minotaur. What feelings does it conjure and what meanings does it generate? More than just a logo or business card, a Brand is the all-encompassing way in which your business is perceived.

11:11 | 2021 | YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT PATH