Being able to work with people all across the world is what gets us, here at 11:11, moving to be more creative and inspired, seeing different outlooks in life and passions from all around us. We had the absolute pleasure of working with Isabelle, an Inuk content creator on Instagram and TikTok where she shares […]

Learnings we had through the experience of website building. And why we would always recommend creating fully custom made websites rather than going for pre-made templates. Kilig Candle Co. needed help redesigning their website and changing their online store from Wix to Shopify. As they are growing and expanding their business. We said yes right […]

Finally, here is the last delivery of our influencer marketing blog series. In case you haven’t been following up with our latest post, go check PART ONE where we talked about what to expect from influencers. Or give a quick read to PART TWO with our tips on how to select the right profiles to […]

In part one we talked about what to expect and what not to demand from influencers. Now in this new post of our series, we want to dive a little more into how to select the right influencers to work with your brand. In the last post we mentioned that not every brand doing influencer […]

In our marketing past lives we’ve had experiences with brands and influencers that have taught us so much about the complex influencer marketing world. Having the chance to see both sides of the mirror had left us with a lot of insights. Here is a small list of what was our best takeaways.

Do you remember when we introduced the 5 steps for you to build a better plan to capture your brands defining moments? We barely remember it either, so we thought we would ask some of our photographers we have worked with to get some truthful advice on what to do when you’re planning your brands […]

If you are a new entrepreneur, or if you have been an entrepreneur for years, you no doubt are aware of the chasm that exists between conception and implementation. Deciding to create a business is one thing, but actually creating one can seem daunting in the least, more likely overwhelming at times. The aphorisms of […]

In David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks a being known as an atemporal, Esther Little, hides her mind and identity within the mind of another, Holly Sykes. This hidden identity is not a chronological account of Esther’s life, but rather it is described as “a nebula of moments”. These moments define who Esther is, encapsulating her […]

OK, I guess we have to talk about the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in the room. Aside from just hating this $%^&ing virus, we can also start to identify the lessons that can be taken from a business standpoint. When we talk about a company’s need to be adaptive, what better example could there […]

You’ve crafted your brand using the tenets of a strong story, a clear set of values, and a continuity of message. Sometimes this is going to have the broadest appeal possible; we would all rather that everyone liked us after all. More likely, however, the authenticity of your brand simply won’t be for everyone, and […]

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