Brand Identity is super complex and it’s all around you, just look the next time you go to the grocery store.

Brand, Branding and Brand Identity always starts with you doing a little bit of research in the market you want to go into. Once you understand the market,

THAT is when you can finally start creating.  You can create your logo, your brand mark, maybe an icon, and colors that all encompass what you want people to see on everything that you do. (or we can create it for you).  Once this is all built you can move into the final phase (or at the same time as creating your logo and colors): You can build your strategy. 

How the hell do I create a brand strategy you ask? (What even is that)

It’s how you get to showcase your awesome product or services to the customers that you really want to see it. 
Behind every successful brand there is a strategy that tells you all about it. (Haven’t you ever wondered why you see Coca-Cola EVERYWHERE?)

○ Brand Identity Packages
○ Brand Guidelines
○ Brand Strategies
○ Logo Guidelines and Design
○ Campaign Strategies
○ Campaign Management
○ Brand Management
○ Graphic Design


Brand, Branding, and Brand IDentity

Stories, reels, posts, videos, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook blah blah blah…


Yeah it’s a hell of a lot to all get done for one person right? Yeah we thought so too. 
That’s why we are an agency, you come to us, you tell us what you need, we talk about how that will work, and then do it for you. 

You need help posting month to month and organizing your content, creating content or making a strategy for where your paid media will be promoted? Don’t even know what paid media is?

That’s where we jump in.

○ Month to month Social Media Management
○ Month to month Paid Media Management
○ Social media strategies
○ Paid media Strategies (advertisements)
○ Content Creation
    ○ Photography 
    ○ Videography
    ○ Illustrations - 2D & 3D
○ Social Media Audits
○ Graphic Design



○ UI Design
○ UX Design
○ Custom or Templated Designs
○ Website Audits
○ SEO & Keywords
○ Google Ads
○ Graphic Design

We are Shopify Partners! 

Do you think your website is like a resume in 2022? Because you should if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or bigger business, when was the last time you updated a big part of your digital face (website). 

You don’t have to do it alone, agencies were created to understand your brand and make sure that no matter what your identity is showcased through each section on what people may see. 



Yes you’ve been running your business for a w while, or heck, maybe you just came up with the idea and you are ready to run for it!
Well this is where we come in, we help with more than just creation.
You may need someone to look from the outside in and see new opportunities, yeah thats us. 

Do you have a business plan?
Well let’s create that!

You know it’s hard to run a business, so why are you doing it alone. 

○ Creative Business Plans
○ Business Strategies
○ Process Mapping
○ Research
○ Planning
○ New sets of eyes to look into the business


Business Development

○ Creative Business Plans
○ Goals for the future
○ Mindset Training
○ Planning and Strategy building
○ Reality vs fantasy
○ Evaluation of current state

You are one of a kind. No really, we think you are. 

You’ve given up your nights, days, and everything in between to create this dream of yours and you’ve have invested a lot. 
What happens when you feel burnt out and ready to give up?

Have you set a goal for yourself lately? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD SET SOME!

Well even if you haven’t, that’s how we help, we create a path that makes sense to follow for what you need to do, for personal life and your professional life. Because no one loves a workaholic. 


Everything is almost all customizable, this just made sense to us.
So set up a call and  let us create a custom proposal just for you. 

Entrepreneurship Coaching

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